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April 2021 / Paris, what a career!

The aura of Paris is largely due to its stone. Its history is first of all that of its subsoil, a long quarry started more than 40 million years ago. We live in the sediments of a tropical paradise, the one that occupied the Paris basin during the Eocene period.
When our eyes caress the stone, it is the story of a living colony of algae and shells that comes back to us. We were not the first to spot the right address.
Under our feet, the stone was put in all its states: rubble stone, plaster stone, millstone, stone of apparatus for the Haussmannians, stone of St Leu or St Maximin for the most beautiful works. A material hard enough to be worked, and soft enough to be sculpted, a tone and a grain that give Paris its light and its unique atmosphere.
All these qualities predisposed to the destiny of Paris, under the inspiration of a goldsmith nature.
True luxury is also the work of time, it lasts like stone.

 Hugues de La Morandière

Associate Director

WHAT BUYERS WANT / Savills World Research survey results: 500 client-buyers looking for property in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain in February and March 2021

LA VOIX DE L’ENFANT / Varenne has been supporting the association La Voix De l’Enfant which aims to “listen to and defend any child in distress whoever they are, wherever they are

HOTEL HOY / Dedicated slow lifestyle hotel converted to responsible florist workshop named La Floreria

STREET-ART / 5 bronze sculptures, including 1 monumental one, are being installed at Place du Louvre by artist Hopare

GOURMANDISES  / The chef Alain Ducasse will open his ice cream shop in the 11th arrondissement of Paris

SCULPTURES / Artist Léa Bigot takes us into her world through her sculptures

A VISAGE DECOUVERT / Fine Arts Street transformed into an open-air exhibition