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What Do Foreigners Think of France and France’s Economic System?

Are you thinking of buying a stunning property in Paris with Agence Varenne? If so, you’ll like to know that foreigners living in France have an excellent opinion both of France, and France’s economic system.

Please find below some examples! With all these in mind, you’ll feel certain that you’re making a fabulous decision by buying a gorgeous Paris property!

Canadian Marie-Eve Vallieres spent several years living in and writing about France on her blog To Europe And Beyond. On her blog, Marie-Eve writes that “France is a wonderful country to visit – between the châteaux, the wineries, the quaint villages, and the mountains, it’s hard to complain.”

Marie-Eve adds that “The diversity within France alone is mindboggling.” Given this, when you buy your wonderful Paris property with Agence Varenne, you can feel confident that you’ll have lots to see and enjoy in France, from “the chilly sea of Normandy” to “sun-kissed mountains”!

Elsewhere meanwhile, American Katie Lettie writes after her stay in Paris that “I’m looking forward to going back to Paris this winter with the University of Chicago – I can’t stay away!”

What’s more, foreigners admire France’s economic system too. For example, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), France has an “enviable standard of living”. France is famous for its culture, wine, cheese, style and refinement.

Moreover, foreigners in France are highly complimentary of France’s young, ambitious new president, Emmanuel Macron. According to Philip Mold, a 59-year-old Brit living in the Gironde department in western France, Mr. Macron “offers a new approach, a genuine enthusiasm for Europe and much more”.

Also, Matt Volsky, a Californian supporter of Macron living in Paris told that “He seems young, energetic, and intelligent. And it’s refreshing to see politicians who are more forward thinking.” So Mr. Macron’s optimism and energy are another reason to buy top Paris property!

With all this in mind, there’s bundles to enjoy for foreigners living in France, from France’s geographical and cultural diversity, to the extended paid vacation, to the “enviable standard of living.”


By Peter Lavelle at foreign exchange broker Pure FX 

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