Sell in Paris

Superb pied-à-terre on the Ile Saint-Louis.

Situated on the Quai de Bourbon, here we’re in the heart of historic Paris. Located in the Jassaud d’Arquainvillers mansion, constructed in 1640, this apartment brings to life through its noble walls the atmosphere of the homes of the bourgeoisie of yesteryear with a breathtaking view over the Seine.

Located in a neighbourhood that’s preserved its soul and kept its identity intact, that of historic Paris, this apartment plays admirably with the codes of a certain breed of classicism. A brief stroll through the pretty paved courtyard and its up to the second floor. Right away, the hallway opens out into an airy salon with a fireplace and a library, where three large windows provide a backdrop of the Seine. What is striking at first glance is the unique ambiance of this room, which nourishes the imagination, and the warmth that it engenders. Extraordinary wood panelling enhances the walls, and a Versailles parquet floor decorates underfoot while beams pepper the ceiling.




Abundantly voluminous over its 160m2, this apartment affords well spread out rooms that are as vast as they are peaceful. Like the living room, the dining room benefits from a view over the Seine. Here you’ll find a fireplace set off by a large ornamental mirror and furniture that pays homage to the treasures of another time. Without obstacles, or corridors, you move from room to room in a seamless fashion until arriving at the kitchen. So welcoming you lose track of time, the room feels alive at all hours of the day, with its hexagonal floor tiles, wooden fittings, chandelier, copper utensils, and checked curtains that dress a window that overlooks the courtyard.

The bedroom is bathed in light which ripples over the fabric covered walls. On the floor, a beige carpet complements the harmony of the its powdery tints, while the bed is the crown jewel in this pretty space which rubs shoulders with the outside world thanks to its two large windows. The delicate colours continue through to the bathroom where wood flirts with marble and the outsize mirror stretches abover the bathtub.

Fluid in design, this intoxicatingly charming apartment takes its place in an on-going story, that of romantic Paris where we play out our merry days… “There’s an authenticity and a truly very particular atmosphere here. The expansiveness of the rooms and the wealth of woodwork are for many the selling points of this apartment that, in addition, offers thanks to its location a very beautiful view over one of the most exceptional quarters in Paris” points out Guilhem Carvès.


From Sandra Serpero – Carnet de visite Résidences Immobilier Décember 2014

For sale through Agence Varnne, 6th arrondiesment, 7 Place Saint Sulpice, Paris – Tel: 01 45 55 79 10 – – Price: €4,410,000 – 160m2, 4 rooms. Also available: a storage unit – Price: €150,000; and staff bedroom – €160,000.