Varenne X Laurence Simoncini

Laurence Simoncini combines raw materials, audacity and mineral colors to orchestrate unique places, free from the dictates of trends and giving full scope for emotion. She conjures up poetry, intimacy and singularity to offer more than a footprint: a universe.

Admirers of those she makes emerge, we invited her universe to take residence in our agency Saint-Sulpice for a season.

In 2004, Laurence Simoncini embarked on the “Serendipity” adventure, with the idea of shake up the world of the nursery through an offer that would make it a few years more late the temple of decoration and design for children in Paris. She proposed there, as a precursor, a new style through an eclectic selection mixing vintage and design. After ten beautiful years of encounters and discoveries, and as a matter of course… Laurence opens his interior design office : LSD (for Laurence Simoncini Décoration).

Today, it is in the heart of the marsh, at the bottom of a courtyard of an old mansion of the XVIIth century, that it transforms an apartment into a gallery: place of its new offices and a personal selection.

Laurence Simoncini in our agency until the end of December 2020. 

Agence Varenne, 7 place Saint-Sulpice, 75006 Paris