Varenne X Wilo & Grove

Come and discover in our salons the universe of art revisited by the duo Fanny Saulay and Olivia de Fayet @wiloandgrove and travel through Scandinavian, French and Italian design proposed by Xavier Brunswick @brunswick_art

“Real estate and art are two universes that sublimate each other”

Andréa BoströM MOULS,
Conseil immobIlier et responsable artistique CHEZ Varenne

Wilo & Grove is the expertise, the look and the arty feeling of Fanny Saulay and Olivia de Fayet, a shock duo who went through Christie’s (8 years old, after all!) before working on the future identity of our home sweet home.
The objective: to desacralize the (…sometimes ruthless) universe of art, to bring out new talents and to add to all interiors, a part of unique, exclusive, at affordable prices. Wilo & Grove selects unique works and art objects or declined in small editions for a public of uninitiated people.


Fanny and Olivia, then specialists in Impressionist and Modern Art at Christie’s, met at the Paris headquarters after working for the auction house in London, New York and Hong Kong. Eight years later, the two young women, who had a crush on Picasso, Rodin and Gauguin, were looking at a new generation of artists. Talents a little less giant (by name), but no less fascinating.


The brunette and the blonde then hang up their pumps and leave “Stan Smith on his feet”, in search of artists and works of art within the reach of a younger audience, yet sensitive to exclusivity and singularity.
Xavier offers design furniture and art objects from the 50s to the 70s. An eclectic but coherent mix of Scandinavian, French and Italian design; light pieces that stand out for their balance, finesse and line accuracy.

Sublimate your interiors with a selection of unique or small edition artworks and objects selected by these experts! We will make you discover artists embarked in this fabulous modern epic that takes the Art Gallery out of its traditional borders.


In our agencies Saint-Sulpice and George V le temps d’une saison☀️
Agence Varenne, 7 place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6e
Agence Varenne, 14 avenue George V, Paris 8th

Wiloft Wilo & Grove
22 rue de la tour d’Auvergne 9th. Open by appointment from 12h to 18h (Curfew hours otherwise 12h-19h). and one Saturday per month.