Parisian Life

VARENNE x The Socialite Family

The Socialite Family presents La Scopa

Discover La Scopa, an immersive experience proposed by The Socialite Family in collaboration with Varenne, for Maison&Objet in the city.

Conceived by Constance Gennari, founder and artistic director of The Socialite Family, La Scopa is an ephemeral immersion in a private mansion in the heart of Paris that is to be completely renovated, based on the theme of gambling in all its facets. La Scopa takes its name from the centuries-old Italian card game. Naturally, The Socialite Family plays by the rules, creating a world of changing moods as it presents its latest creations… cards on the table!

La Scopa,
Free admission
76, rue de l’Université, Paris 7e
From 17 to 21 January
Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 7pm
Sunday 11am to 6pm

In this former family mansion, lent to the game by Varenne, which Constance Gennari decided to move into for a few days, the walls still speak. Trompe-l’œil, heavy fabrics and tapestries adorn the premises. We peek into the blind room: gamblers stare at us, and we interrupt them in the middle of a clandestine card game. A little further on, we tiptoe up the grand stone staircase, guided by the fresco painted for the occasion by artist Franck Lebraly. The experience begins.

The hallway with its natural wood panelling carved with shells, the screened-in library and the beautiful magnolia terrace welcome us as if in secret, in a whisper, scattered with the latest creations from The Socialite Family mixed with pieces selected by Constance Gennari in partnership with the Saint-Ouen flea market. Higher up, the small neo-Moorish study leaves you wondering, as if you’ve just had a fortune-telling session. In the frescoed, carpeted bathroom, the furniture seems to be waiting for an elegant woman from the Pompidou years who seems to have escaped.

In this lively place, you don’t know which saint to follow. Knock or truth, you have to let yourself be enveloped by the unique and intimate atmosphere.

Dans ce lieu toujours vivant, on ne sait plus à quel saint se vouer. Toc ou vérité, il faudra se laisser envelopper par une atmosphère singulière et intime.