Parisian Life

April 2023 / V(arenne) for venturesome

Paris is a port, the starting point of myriad adventures

Voyages inspired by new encounters

Literary voyagers whose pens race across the pages under the rooftops

Unmoving voyages or inner voyages, for those who have chosen to take a tour around themselves

Explorers of history who voyage through the fabric of time

Those who walk the quays awaiting a new beginning

Voyagers of the river, moored up for a season

Soul-stirring voyages through the streets, the stage of all the world’s complexity

Voyages of routine, better cut short

Invisible voyages in search of transcendence

Voyagers of the imaginary who revive the world’s beauty

At a fork in the road, Lewis Carroll imparts with a smile: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”