Parisian Life

Agence Varenne, partners with Savills

2015 marks the arrival of the Franco-British partnership concluded between Varenne and Savills. Hugues de la Morandière, co-founder of Agence Varenne, and Will Woodhead, president of Savills France, explain the advantages of this new alliance in high-end residential real estate.

What drew you to conclude this partnership between your brands?

Hugues de la Morandière: “Our real estate agency was founded 25 years ago, and for a quarter of a century since, we’ve carved out our niche in Paris’ luxury property sector. We have a strong identity. We possess extensive, and well recognised, knowledge of Paris’ historic neighbourhoods, in particular, the Rive Gauche. Today, this local expertise ought to spread beyond our boarders and open itself up to an international clientele in search of prestige properties all over the world and, more precisely, Paris. It shouldn’t be forgotten that this city remains one of the most attractive capitals in the World. And it continues to attract wealthy purchasers, enticed by the quality of life à la française and the characterful properties it harbours. Allying ourselves with Savills, a British network present in 45 countries, affords us the opportunity to access a global property market. Being Savills exclusive representative in Paris is the product of Agence Varenne’s development and diversification strategy.”


Will Woodhead, President Savills France

Hugues de La Morandière, cofounder of Agence Varenne

Will Woodhead: “Our real estate network was created in Great Britain in 1856. We are the leading luxury real estate agency in our country. Today, we have some 600 representatives in 45 countries. We established an office in Paris dedicated to business real estate several years ago and have a presence in the residential markets of the Côte d’Azur and in Normandy, as well as a few winter sports resorts (Mégève, Méribel, Courchevel). Paris was the jewel missing in our crown. Allying ourselves with Agence Varenne, a Paris market player highly respected in the luxury property sector, meets the numerous and varied demands of our clients going forward. Travelling regularly, and often owning several homes across the globe, many appreciate France for its exceptional properties that hold a certain cachet, from the mansion house to more discreet homes including, the Haussmannian apartment.”