Invest in Paris

January 2023 / The Seine

Paris is tucked in a loop of the Seine, the city’s poetry owes a lot to its river.

It gives the city cues and rhythm, the direction of travel upstream or downstream.

La Seine puts us back into the tranquil flow of time, suspending the hustle and bustle of the city.

Living close to its banks is an opportunity, an opening to another world.

But anyone can stroll along its banks, at any time of day or night,

 listening to the river whispering and hearing the words of Prévert:

‘La Seine is lucky, she has no worries

She takes it easy, by day and by night

And she flows from her spring, gently, quietly

And without foaming, without overflowing her banks

She’s leaving for the sea, passing through Paris.’

Hugues de La Morandière

Associate Director