July 2021 / Development

A city’s ability to develop is crucial. From this point of view, the pandemic is an accelerator of awareness and change. This crisis could even be a historic turning point in how we view cities and the new priorities emerging from that. Like all major capitals, Paris has to face many challenges, some answers have already been provided, others have to be taken up at multiple levels.

Which resilient cities around the world are best placed to succeed?

The ‘Savills Resilient Cities’ index has just assessed 500 cities worldwide based on some essential criteria: economic strength, technological leadership and knowledge-based economy, environmental resilience, and real estate market fluidity.

Paris holds a very honourable sixth place just behind San Francisco, thanks to its strengths and dynamic transformation. Paris is a city to be reinvented, a bet to be won, by providing innovative solutions to transform risks into opportunities. This is a challenge in which everyone has their role to play.

Hugues de La Morandière

Associate director


Augustin Rouart at the Petit Palais

El Anatsui at the Conciergerie


Glasswork Matteo Gonet, Jean-Michel Othoniel Master (virtuoso) glass artist

Catherine Dix the ceramic artist with a brutalist soul

Labo-Leonard work-of-art wallpaper


Chef Nina Métayer’s creations for Jaeger-Lecoultre’s ephemeral café 1931