Invest in Paris

November 2022 / Townhouses

In the Parisian architectural world, townhouses are always a surprise.

They break the linear perspective of our streets and stand out for their originality.

Sometimes built on land that is too narrow or landlocked to build a building,

they escape the uniformity of Haussmann’s major constructions or those of the early twentieth century.

These buildings often demonstrate creativity to transform the constraints of the place

and the urge to live differently and enjoy an outdoor space as well.

These houses express the renewal of the city and new needs.

A body shop emerges from contemporary spaces with a roof terrace.

Or the student of a great architect designs a stunning house and garden out of sight

Or old stables are converted into mews.

A house in Paris is almost always a tribute to a difference and a statement of individuality.

Hugues de La Morandière

Associate Director