Invest in Paris

February 2023 / Like a bird

Heralding the arrival of spring,

Birds roam free from rooftop to terrace and from balcony to garden.

Being a bird in Paris is a full-time occupation,

So many places to visit and people to see,

Impatient as we are to find a little piece of garden or a view of the sky.

A terrace gives the imagination wings to fly,

A garden is a chance to escape a while and reconnect with oneself.

Oases of serenity in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle, terraces

Like small gardens for urban life, afford us the pleasure of the sun’s warmth.

Rooms without walls or windows open to the blue sky above,

Life-size living rooms, with our feet on the ground and head in the heavens.

Hugues de La Morandière

Associate Director